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Webb of Science gives fashion advice

19 Jun

Fashion is not normally my beat. But I’m a science writer who writes careers articles, the most recent one about dressing for job interviews. So, today anyway, I’m a writer who gives fashion advice to scientists.

Even though my workday fashion choices these days often remain within the home office, I do take pride in a looking professional (and fashionable) when I do head out for face time with clients and colleagues. One of my guilty pleasures in my Ph.D. student down-time was watching far too many episodes of What Not To Wear on TLC . (I saw the BBC version, too, but later, when I had better cable).

As an added bonus, here’s Clinton and Stacey’s take on job interview dress. Enjoy!

Cat fashion statement

17 May
cat fashion statement

cat fashion statement

Our recovering diabetic is not having a good weekend.  She’s licking and chewing on her back legs until they’re raw. But if we gave her steroids to deal with those problems, we could send her pancreas into a tailspin. So we’re stuck with the bad fashion statement and letting her back leg heal over the next couple of weeks. So, instead of begging me for food, now she’s bumping into walls and furniture.

Maybe she’ll be speaking to me again by Monday. . . unless she sees this picture on my blog!