More Maker Faire

30 Sep

As my husband and I were roaming from tent to tent at Maker Faire on Sunday, we were recognized, but not for any reason that you might expect. “Hey, I know you,” a guy said as he turned around from examining a table. “You got hit in the head with that plane.”

Yes, our claim to fame at Maker Faire was being that couple, the ones involved in a minor incident with a remote control stealth bomber that spent much of the afternoon circling skies between the life-size game of Mouse Trap and  the stage for Eepy Bird, the Mentos and Diet Coke guys. We’re fine, but we scanned the air space above us cautiously a la Chicken Little for the rest of the afternoon.

Collisions and vague infamy aside- Maker Faire was fun. There was plenty of potential nauseousness for some– the 360 Swing:

The 360 swing at 45 degrees

And danger for others with the Madagascar Institute‘s Jet Ponies:

I loved  that one group of people learned to knit and crochet a few hundred yards from a collection of 3D printers. Particularly when the 3D printing involves chocolate frosting and cake batter, yum.

3D printing a turtle in chocolate frosting

The palette of 3D printing possibilities

We wrapped up our afternoon inside the New York Hall of Science‘s Great Hall with ArcAttack‘s final show of the weekend. Maybe you saw these Texas tinkerers and their musical Tesla coils on America’s Got Talent this summer, but the live show is (sorry, can’t resist) electrifying.

One Response to “More Maker Faire”

  1. Suzanne Dell'Orto October 1, 2010 at 10:30 am #

    So excited to hear about this…we so wanted to go!

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