Saturday Videos: The Beard-ome

15 May

When you spend more than 40 hours a week in a laboratory, strange creative synergy can crop up. When I was a graduate student, we had a few of those moments. The most notable was our takeoff on “The Night Before Christmas” in late 1999, as we riffed on the coming nonpocalypse of Y2K. Unfortunately, I don’t think I still have that poem– it was one of our better moments.

But it’s nowhere close to what the folks at Hypocalypse Industries have cooked up. The people in this lab clearly have some fun. I’m betting they work pretty hard, too. The Beard-ome brings Office/Parks & Recreation satire to the molecular biology laboratory.

And if you’ve ever worked in a lab for any length of time, you may have entered into (or contemplated the wisdom of ) a Lab Romance– a Lady Gaga spoof with a science-y theme.

Check out some of Hydrocalypse Industries’ other efforts. (I wish we’d thought of The Miniprep Challenge!!!)

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