Five great science blogs

10 May

Blogging is tricky and developing a good one requires both a command of the topic and a unique and entertaining angle. That’s a tough balance, but as far as I’m concerned, each of these five science blogs get it right.

  • Not Exactly Rocket Science: Written by British science writer Ed Yong, the majority of these posts are based on a single scientific study. Yong finds some new quirky finding and describes what it means for the everyday person. Though science journalists often lament that science news is disappearing, this is one format where reporting on new studies is alive and well.
  • I think of Pillownaut as the classic weblog. As an astronaut for NASA, she has a fascinating job and she’s entertaining. As a result, the journal concept works. I want to hear exactly what she’s thinking about.
  • Cocktail Party Physics: I’ve never met Jennifer Ouellette, but anyone who writes about both science and Buffy the Vampire Slayer gets serious props in my book. This blog involves a few other contributors, too, but it really is my favorite type of conversation, the rambling type that you might have at a bar or party with a smart new friend.
  • Science journalist Carl Zimmer has won a major science journalism award for his blog, the Loom. It’s exactly the right mix of telling his readers where he’ll be appearing next, new science information, and a wonderful gallery of science-based tattoos.
  • At Smithsonian’s Surprising Science blog, Sarah Zielinski also serves up news along with analysis. I particularly like a recent post where she picked up on a  study in which a researcher argued that animals filmed in documentaries have a right to privacy. I tend to agree with her that any violation of privacy is probably outweighed by the increased public awareness for the needs of animals, but I’m glad she highlighted it.

With so many great science blogs out there, what are your favorites?

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