Blogathon posting partners

4 May

As I promised, I’m posting a list of my fellow blogathoners, more than a hundred strong. I’m inspired to be in such a large group, but it’s also a little daunting. (Thanks again to Michelle Rafter, our fearless organizer). Here’s to day 4– More science tomorrow.

  • Rebecca I. Allen – 356 No More, A journey from couch to fit
  • Andi, Misadventures with Andi, Merry musings of a feisty foodie slash lit-chickie slash globe-trotting wannabe Frenchie!
  • Anjuli – bhulbhulaiyan, a complicated entanglement of zigzag pathways
  • Christa Avampato – Christa in New York, Curating a Creative Life
  • Joan Lambert Bailey – PopcornHomestead, Gardening, place and my life in Tokyo
  • Karen Bannan – Natural as Possible Mom, Because natural isn’t always possible — or easy
  • Linda Barnby,, Taking Entrepreneurs from Where They Are to Where they Want to Be
  • t.a. barnhart – Left Coast Foodie, Damn, that’s good: a foodie blog by someone who knows what he’s doing
  • June Bell – Enough is enough! Advice and support
  • Teresa Bitler – Forty Firsts, A Midlife Crisis in the Making
  • Athena l. Borozon – Altar Valley Daily Orb, The Desert Rat Dialogues
  • Jane Boursaw* – Film Gecko, Cool movie news and reviews
  • Alisa Bowman – Project Happily Ever After, Marriage advice from a recovering divorce daydreamer
  • Carson Brackney – Carson Brackney, Consultant, Copywriter, Content Provider, Factotum
  • Ben BradleyBen’s (Not Quite) First Ever Presence on the Interweb, Blog of an aspiring human being
  • Sheena Brockington – Greenhouse Advertising, Cultivating ideas for small businesses
  • Danielle Buffardi* – Horrible Sanity, Going into the mind of a mother and freelancer
  • Beverly Burmeier – Going on Adventures, Travel stories from near and far
  • Diane Calhoun – Violet is My Color, Life just happens, deal with it
  • Danielle Carter – Live and Love Life VA, Helping you do more of what you love, and less of what you don’t!
  • Fiona Chan – Candy Prison, A typical teenager
  • Joy Choquette – One Year. 156 Fears. Life Changing. One woman tackles her fears
  • Bernard Chung – Green Tea World, It’s more than just a cup of green tea here
  • Caroline Clemmons – A Writer’s Life, Writing tips, interviews and miscellaneous ramblings
  • Shelley Clunie – ShelCluzo’s Blog, Healthy, wealthy and wise at 62
  • Cocotte – Leaping into Life, Uncommon stories to nurture body, mind & soul
  • Christianne Cook – A Day in My Mind, The world through my eyes
  • Sue Dickman – Life Divided, Food, garden, books . . . and India
  • Jackie Dishner – Bike with Jackie, Using my special brand of BIKE to teach you how to turn obstacles into opportunities
  • Tracy Doerr – Tracy Doerr, A chronicle of ideas and things that inspire me
  • Ron S. Doyle – Blog Salad, All the blog that’s fit to eat
  • Dana DuGan – Chick with a View, It’s good to live on the edge. The view is better.
  • Dan Eldridge – Labor Party, A Young Pioneers Media blog for Creative and Alternative Entrepreneurs
  • Cindy Elsberry – Doodle9, Paddling down the stream…of consciousness
  • Heather Faesy – Blame it on the Full Moon, My kids, writing and reading
  • R. Jill Fink – My Opera, Musings about writing, food, weight loss and other hilarious things
  • Jennifer Fink – Blogging Bout Boys, All about boys — raising them, educating them, learning with them
  • Damaris Fish – Damaris Fish on Genealogy, Researching my family history and helping others with theirs
  • Dylan Fogle – Discordianzen, The map is not the territory
  • Katie Foote – Littlefoote’s Lab, A chronicle of what the unemployed girl in NoPo is up to.
  • Barb Freda – Babette Feasts, Feast with Me (Food, Wine, Travel and Photos)
  • Heather Frendo – Thrifty Knee Socks
  • Andrea Genevieve – Andrea Genevieve, Where social medium, technology and higher education meet
  • Janet Goldstein – Janet’s Publishing & Strategy Blog, Tips, insight, and inspiration for launching books and ideas
  • Alexandra Grabbe – Chezsven’s Blog, Life as a green innkeeper on Outer Cape Cod
  • Elyse Grau – My Garden to Table, Growing what you eat, eating what you grow
  • Wendy Korn Heppt – Budget Style on a Shoestring, Budget savvy fashion, beauty and related news and ideas
  • Katie Hinderer – Write Beyond the Cubicle, A freelance writer’s thoughts on the industry
  • Amanda Hirsch – Tastee Pudding, In the search for creative life, the proof is in the Pudding
  • Lisa Jaffe Hubbell – Eat, Read and Be Harried, Making it through life one book at a time
  • Nancy Mann Jackson – Growing Food and Kids, Gardening, harvesting, cooking and preserving with kids in tow
  • Robert Janelle – Without an Apostrophe, Ottawa freelance tech journalist
  • Elizabeth King Humphrey – The Write Elizabeth, Writing. Creativity. Play. Life.
  • Walter L. Johnson II – Georgia News Beat, An inside look at what’s happening in the state of Georgia
  • B.J. Keeton – Professor Beej, Pop culture commentary with an academic slant
  • Amy Kocur – AmyLizK, Maryland/ DC Metro area arts and analysis
  • Courtney Koschel – Finding My Muse: A New Writer’s Journey,
  • Sara Lancaster – No.2PenBlog, Resource for my clients and others interested in marketing communications
  • Bill Lascher – Lascher at Large, A contemplative, pondered and unrushed thought banquet.
  • Mary Dixon Lebeau – In the Boom Boom Room, Remember staying out until the street lights came on?
  • Pooja Lohana – Brown-eyed Mystic, On writing and more!
  • Sarah E. Ludwig – Parenting by Trial and Error, The learning curve in raising kids
  • Jenny Lynes – Welcome to the Good Life, A student environmentalist exploring responsible, cheap, and fun living
  • Su-sieee! Mac – This and That. Here and There. Now, Sometimes Then., Rambling about anything and everything that interests me
  • Harry Marks – Curious Rat, Chewing at the tech industry’s wires…nom nom nom…
  • Joanne Mason – English Idioms, What they mean, how we use them, where they came from
  • Kim McNeill – Kim’s Play Place, An active parent trying to make sure my kids are educated
  • Teresa Mears – MiamiOntheCheap, Discounts, deals and free events in Miami
  • Rose Medlock – RFM, Rose Flores Medlock
  • Melanie – 365 days: A different thing everyday in 2010
  • Heather Minton – Stumbling into Grace, The adventure of following God and figuring it out in Portland
  • Kathy Murray – Out and Employed, News, career advice and job resources for ex-offenders
  • Alexis Neely – Life, Business and the Pursuit of Truth, A blog about the intersection
  • Charles Newbery – Pine Tree Paradise, The life of a work-at-home writer and father of three
  • Andrew Nielsen – A Green Mushroom, My take on the world of gaming
  • Eric Novinson – Costing a Green Future, A green business blog
  • Tracy O’Connor I Hate My Message Board, Humor, crankiness, a museum of snack foods and the odd motivational piece
  • Andrea Parker – Autism Fundraising Guide, For parents of children with autism
  • Lilac Penafiel – What Have You Learned Today, Life lessons learned everyday…
  • Tara Phillips – Two Hands and a Road Map
  • Jennie Phipps – WalletPop, AOL’s personal finance blog
  • Ed Pilolla – Ed Pilolla, What the f*** is love?
  • Sue Poremba – I Breathe, Therefore I Write
  • Michelle RafterWordCount, Freelancing in the digital age
  • Rah – The Daily Panda, A panda that goes to law school learns things
  • Kate Reilly – Polka Dot Suitcase, Family fun through creative living
  • Meredith Resnick – The Writer’s [Inner] Journey, Bestselling authors, professional creatives and emerging voices in quirky dialogue about how they write and why it works
  • Vanessa Richardson – Way Out West Texas, City girl from California moves to Way Out West Texas, what will happen?
  • Rebecca Robinson – Rebecca Robinson, Updates on freelance projects, reflections on journalism innovation in Portland and beyond, and brainstorms from the wee hours
  • Carey Rossi – Thank You Everything, Appreciate the little things
  • Natasha Rogue – The Writing Blues, Little tips on how I find motivation to get past the difficulties of writing life and the road to publication
  • Joe Romano – Blogging Perspectives Daily, Blogging News Tips and Views
  • Andrea M. Rotondo – Luxury Cruise Bible, Your source for unbiased luxury cruise reviews
  • Melissa Sais – Digital Mom, Raising kids in a digital world
  • Lisa Samalonis – Single Parent Savings
  • Sami – Stonerpreneur, Stoner antics as they relate to my business and personal growth
  • Dina Santorelli – Making Baby Grand, And I thought giving birth to real babies was hard…
  • Lacey Savage – Tips and WIPS, Talking about writing fiction
  • Lilian Schaer – Food and Farming Canada, A blog about the farming side of food
  • Kristie Sloan – mkBeautyZone, Skin care and makeup information training and products
  • Matthew Smith – Smidgen PC, Big news about tiny PCs
  • Michelle Smith – Law Office of Michelle R. Smith, Because it’s your life, your family and your choice
  • Stephanie Suesan Smith – Stephanie Suesan Smith PhD, Information Central
  • Christa Sofinowski – Life Being Short, You Should Be Interesting, Documenting my quarterlife crisis
  • Claire Splan – Alameda Garden, Gardening issues in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond
  • Margarita Tartakovsky – Self-ish, {Sorta} Sage Advice on Being a Better You
  • Thinkingtoohard – Thinking too hard, This is where I empty my head
  • Blake Thompson – Black Thompson daht Net, “I’m just saying…”
  • Jodi Torpey – Western Gardeners, Your online guide to gardening in the West
  • Paul Tullis – Grim Tidings- True/Slant, My rants about politics & policy
  • Jan Udlock – Imperfect Mom
  • Brandi-Ann Uyemura – Brandi-Ann Uyemura, Rather be freelancing: tips for the beginning writer
  • Beth VanHoose – Writing in Sand, My adventures in freelance writing, and other stuff
  • Rachel Vidoni – East Coast Musings, A humorous look at kids, family and life
  • Jen Walker – My Morning Chocolate, Writing, experiments, culture and adventure in food
  • Katie Jett Walls – One per Week, 52 posts on things that matter to me
  • Rebecca Weber – Newstilt SAfrica, Dispatches from South Africa
  • Susan Weiner – Investment Writing, For investment and wealth managers who want to communicate more effectively with clients and prospects
  • Rashida Williams – Really Rashida, Urban lit author blogging about my life and times
  • Jennifer Willis – Jennifer Willis, Thoughts on religion, sustainability, media and culture
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